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Expandable, Warm or Multi-Colour 12v lighting system for IN & OUT of water


Expandable, Plug & Play, 12v garden lighting system Anyone can install!


Low Maintenance landscape edging solution, separating two surfaces for Structural and Aesthetic purposes.


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The Gala Group is driven by the desire to connect consumers with innovative brands, The Gala Group have developed solid business relationships both within Australia and Internationally to ensure we can deliver.

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Discover the features an easy ‘Connext Plug n Play System’ can do for you. The ellumière™ outdoor lighting range provides a straightforward and agile solution for efficient and beautiful garden illumination.


Edgeline is the WORLD’s  1st garden edging product to have ever seen a movable Stake & Bracket system, to help avoid Root or Rocks whilst installing! EXPLORE: The Premium finishes and Product features  


AQUAPRO is easy! Known for its money well spent and simplicity we have a succinct range of 12v pond made your choice for the right product and brand, easy too. Being around water makes us calmer and more creative.


Beautiful 12v pond & garden lighting. PondMAX is quality! Unique mainly for it’s Expandable and Simplicity but also Colour changing and Safe Plug & Play aimed at Landscapers and Consumers who aren’t electricians and need lighting in or out of water.

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