to the max.

The reliability of PondMAX is most clearly reflected in the ironclad 3 Year Warranty that we offer on all of our Pumps, because we know better than anyone just how capable these products are.

PondMAX has been in business for more than 10 years and has been achieving noteworthy results from day one. If you’re looking for a company in which you can place your trust, then PondMAX is the brand you should be researching for solutions to all of your pond’s needs.

It’s impossible to talk about PondMAX without mentioning the incredible customer service which has allowed the company to achieve its success. As opposed to some of their competitors in the industry who sell pond supplies in order to make a quick profit, PondMAX is genuinely interested in selling quality products that will last longer than you’ve become accustomed to. In fact, you’ll have no problem understanding why PondMAX claims their products will allow you to perform “Watergardening to the Max,” when it comes to effectiveness, longevity, and reliability.


Range Includes

Ponds - PVC Liner & Pre-formed Ponds
Filtration - Filters/ UV Combo & Treatments
Pumps - Varied Submersible Selection
Lighting - 12V In & Out of Water Range
Fish Food - Variety of Pellets & Flakes
Plumbing & Parts - We got you covered

All products are IP and CE approved and are supplied with upto 3 Year warranty.

Key Features


  • Extensive range
  • Value for money
  • Safe Low Voltage
  • Quality construction
  • Energy Efficient
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What some of our happy customers say...

Second to none customer service.

“Thank you guys for your friendly and prompt service
and solving my pump replacement dilemma with
a simple phone call.”

— Peter, Adelaide

Such a pleasure to deal with.

“Thanks PondMAX for helping ad unfortunate situation experienced with our original pump supplier in a very courteous and professional manner. Much appreciated”

— Shane Bradshaw, Margaret River

Highly regarded brand in my store.

“PondMAX are prompt in resolving any issues. I recommend the PondMAX range to anyone needing
a water garden range in their store.”

— Darian Jone, Pontypridd

My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece...

Watergardening to the max.

A water feature is a truly wonderful feature to have. Better yours with PondMAX.