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your watergarden made easy.

Even if you’re not someone that has a background in water filtration or a deep understanding of pond equipment, AQUAPRO's products will enable you to design and maintain a gorgeous water garden with beautiful plants and healthy fish

With nearly two decades of experience in the field, AQUAPRO is a trusted brand for garden products. The one thing you can definitely count on is receiving unbeatable value, which is why the company is growing at a steady rate and winning over new consumers every single day.


Range Includes

Ponds - PVC Liner & Pre-formed Ponds
Filtration - Filters/ UV Combo & Treatments
Pumps - Varied Submersible Selection
Lighting - 12V In & Out of Water options
Fish Food - Variety of Pellets & Flakes
Plumbing & Parts - We got you covered

All products are IP and CE rated and are supplied with a 1-2 Year warranty.

Key Features

  • Simple to follow guide
  • Colour co-ordinated packaging
  • Extensive range
  • Value for money
  • Safe Low Voltage
  • Quality construction
  • Energy Efficient
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What some of our happy customers say...

Excellent customer service.

“Thank you guys for your friendly and prompt service and solving my pump replacement dilemma with a simple phone call. I know a few companies who would do well in following your lead in excellent customer service.”

— Peter Connolly, Prestwich

Happy fish. Happy customers.

“ I have to say our newest purchase from AQUAPRO and the help with the filter issue we had the service we have received from you has been outstanding and much appreciated.”

— Lee & Sue

Something for all the family.

“The proof is in the pudding', and with our installation at home, the grandchildren ALWAYS head to the pond when ever they arrive, and they're wrapped in the sound of running water.”

— Henry & Linda, Essex

Discover, Create and Enjoy your outdoor space. Easy.

Experience our extensive range.

Design and maintain a gorgeous water garden with beautiful plants and healthy fish.